The right choice for everyone

Whether you must wear glasses or you enjoy wearing them as a fashion accessory, we’re always ready to serve you. After our doctors measure your vision, our optometrists will be happy to help you choose an appropriate pair of glasses frames and lenses.

The lenses are the most important part for correct vision. Evolutionary developments and current technology have made it possible to create bespoke lenses tailored to each wearer’s needs. Here at IVIO Clinic, we’ll work with you to select the very best option for you – whether this is single-vision lenses, bifocals, multifocals, office lenses, or relax lenses to support reading.

All our clients receive a 10% discount on all frames, glasses, and lenses at our optical shop.

Caring for your glasses

Caring for your glasses lenses extends their lifespan and keeps them comfortable to wear. It’s important to care for your glasses as a whole package correctly, which means cleaning the lenses the right way, keeping them out of harm’s way, and storing them in a protective case when you’re not wearing them. We’ll be happy to explain the basics of good eyewear care at our optical shop, where we also provide warranty and post-warranty service on your glasses.

Selecting contact lenses

Our optometrists will help you select the right contact lenses suited to your specific needs. We have many different types of contact lenses and cleaning solutions for all soft contact lenses, including modern silicone hydrogel lenses. Our range of top brands – Alcon, Cooper Vision, Johnson & Johnson, and Menicon – ensures that the right choice is available for everyone. Besides selecting the right contact lenses, caring for them correctly is also important. We’ll be happy to give you details on how to care for your lenses.


Our team of optometrists

We have two skilled optometrists and one orthoptic nurse on our team who are dedicated to our paediatric patients.

Beáta Vidová, MSc

Ms Vidová received her Master of Optometry degree from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, while also completing a Bachelor’s in Orthoptics. Already as a student she set herself apart as an exceptional talent and with several major achievements under her belt, including speaking at the Optometry Conference of Central and South-Eastern Europe (OCCSEE). After completing her studies, she immediately put her knowledge and skills to use. A respected expert with valuable experience with both adults and children, Ms Vidová has been with IVIO since August 2020, coming to the clinic from optometry practices in the Czech Republic. She actively contributes to IVIO Academy’s educational activities.

Katarína Paulovičová, LO

A qualified optician and certified optometrist with more than fourteen years of experience, Ms Paulovičová got her start at an optical retail chain in Bratislava before moving on to Banská Bystrica, where she ran several optical shops for one of Slovakia’s leading ophthalmology clinics, Oftal. Her extensive experience makes her a valuable asset for our newly opened optical shop, IVIO Optic. Over the course of her career, Ms Paulovičová has worked with both adults and children. Thanks to her human approach and professionalism, she has become a respected expert in the field of optometry. She has been with IVIO Clinic since November 2021.