Podmienky využitia skupinovej zľavy na laserovú operáciu očí

IMPORTANT: The final price and the amount of the discount depend solely on the number of members in your group. The price remains unchanged even if one or more members of the group is not a suitable candidate for the procedure and does not have the operation.


To receive a group discount, the group member in charge of communicating with IVIO Clinic must register the group at objednavky@ivio.sk or by calling (+421) 800 500 000. To register the group, please send a list of the names of all members of the group.


Individual members may then call (+421) 800 500 000 to arrange an initial examination. They must tell the receptionist that they are a member of your group. The initial examination and the procedure itself are performed at the IVIO eye clinic in Trnava.


Members of the group may schedule an initial examination at IVIO Clinic Trnava individually. To apply the discount, all members of the group must complete the initial examination within a two week period.


The price of the initial examination is not included in the price of the operation. Each patient individually pays full price for the preoperative evaluation (see price list). When scheduling an initial examination, the patient must specify which group they belong to.


The maximum number of members of a group is eight. Once reaching the maximum group size (eight members), a new group must be formed. Once the first member of the group is examined, the group can no longer accept new members.


The discount can be applied for Surface Pro, Femto-LASIK, and Relex SMILE laser procedures. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.


Each member receives their group membership confirmation, scheduled date of the procedure, and final discount after they have completed the initial examination and paid a €400 deposit.


Group members do not have to undergo the procedure on the same day.


On the scheduled day of the operation, the patient pays the price of the procedure minus the group discount and the deposit. Any remaining amount due will be paid on the day of the operation by each group member individually.


The scheduled dates of the examinations and procedures are binding. Please do not change them.

IVIO Clinic reserves the right to change the date of the initial examination and/or the date of the laser eye operation. Such change will have no impact on the price of the procedure.

Every person interested in undergoing laser surgery on both eyes can be considered as a group member applying for a group discount. If only one eye is to be corrected, two members who want surgery on just one eye can stand in as one group member.

If a member cannot appear for the procedure for objective reasons (such as illness), they may reschedule their surgery for another day after submitting a doctor’s note and full payment of the remaining price of the procedure.

After all members of the group complete the initial examination, no changes may be made or further members added. If one or more members of the group is not a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery, the discount for the group remains unchanged.