Eyelid plastic surgery, also called blepharoplasty, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. In this procedure, a specialised eye doctor, an ophthalmologist, removes excess skin together with small deposits of fat from the upper and lower eyelids. The operation corrects the tired, drooping appearance of the patient’s eyes.

Who is the operation for?

Blepharoplasty is for everyone experiencing problems with sagging skin on their upper and lower eyelids, preventing them from easily looking up and to the sides. The operation is also suited for patients who suffer from asymmetry and other defects in the eye region. These problems are most frequent in older patients, but they can appear at any age. A doctor evaluates whether plastic surgery is suitable following a one-on-one consultation with the patient.

Considering eyelid surgery?

About the procedure

Before any procedure, the doctor carries out a one-on-one consultation. A specialised ophthalmologist evaluates whether the operation is suitable for the patient and determines the extent of the surgical procedure to attain the best possible result. The operation is performed under local anaesthesia, with the surgeon removing excess skin from the eyelids. The patient lies down during the procedure and is discharged to home care one hour after the operation is finished.

Recovery from eyelid surgery

The first days after the operation mean rest and relaxation for the patient, who should not undertake any strenuous activities or lift heavy objects. The operated eyelids must be prevented from coming in contact with water. At night, the patient is recommended to sleep lying on their back.
One week after the operation, the patient comes in for a follow-up and to have the stitches removed. After the stitches are removed, the patient is ready to return to their normal routine. A pink scar will be on the eyelid where the stitches once were. It is important to apply eye cream SPF 50 to this area for up to six months to protect against damaging sun rays.

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